Front Matter for Volume 1
  I The Duration of Life
  I The Duration of Life, cont.
  II On Heredity
  III Life and Death
  IV The Continuity of the Germ-Plasm as the Foundation of a Theory of Heredity
  IV The Continuity of the Germ-Plasm..., cont.
  V The Significance of Sexual Reproduction on the Theory of Natural Selection
  V The Significance of Sexual Reproduction..., cont.
  VI On the Number of Polar Bodies and their Significance in Heredity
  VII On the Supposed Botanical Proofs of the Transmission of Acquired Characters
  VIII The Supposed Transmission of Mutilations
  Index to volume 1
  Front Matter for volume 2
  IX Retrogressive Development in Nature
  X Thoughts Upon the Musical Sense in Animals and Man
  XI Remarks on Certain Problems of the Day
  XII Amphimixis or the Essential Meaning of Conjugation and Sexual Reproduction
  XII Amphimixis cont.
  XIII Amphimixis cont.
  Index to volume 2
  Back Matter, part 1
  Back Matter, part 2