Table of Contents
  Part I - The Material Basis of Heredity
  I The Germ Plasm
  Part II - Heredity in its Relation to Monogonic Reproduction
  II Regeneration
  III Multiplication by Fission
  IV Multiplication by Gemmation
  V Alternation of Generations in its Relation to the Idioplasm
  VI The Formation of Germ Cells
  VII Summary of Part II
  Part III - The Phenomena of Heredity Resulting from Sexual Reproduction
  VIII Modifications of the Germ-Plasm Caused by Amphimixis
  IX Ontogeny Resulting from the Union of Germ-Plasm of Two Parents
  X The Phenomena of Reversion in their Relation to Amphimixis
  XI Dimorphism and Polymorphism
  XII Doubtful Phenomena of Heredity
  Part IV - The Transformation of Species: Its Origin in the Idioplasm
  XIII The Supposed Transmission of Acquired Characters
  XIV Variation
  Summary and Conclusion