Karl Friedrich Burdach coins the term BIOLOGY to denote the study of human morphology, physiology and psychology.
1801 Thomas Jefferson becomes the third president of the United States.
  Gottfried Treviranus and Jean Baptiste de Lamarck independently broaden the meaning of BIOLOGY to include the study of all living things.
1803 US buys large tract of land from France - The Louisiana Purchase.
  The field of comparative anatomy begins, with the publications of Baron Georges Cuvier's Lesson in Comparative Anatomy.
1807 England prohibits slave trade.
1808 The US prohibits the importation of new slaves from Africa (but the holding of existing slaves and their descendents remains legal).
  Birth of Charles Darwin: 12 Feb 1809.

Jean Baptiste de Lamarck's theory of evolution presented with the publication of his Philosophie Zoologique, which emphasized the fundamental unity of life and the capacity of species to vary.

1809 Birth of Abraham Lincoln: 12 Feb 1809.

James Madison becomes the fourth president of the United States.